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Snap-on dentures are an effective and economical solution for loose fitting dentures


With snap-on dentures, 4 implants are placed on the lower jaw. (Snap-on dentures can also be placed on the upper arch if a patient wants a tighter-fitting upper denture as well).  Once the implants heal, a set of dentures is made that snaps into the new implants. 


The cost starts at $1250 per implant, and the dentures start at $1000 per arch. There may be additional costs if bone grafting or additional tooth extractions are required.

The most common package for this treatment is to place 4 implants with a snap-on denture on the lower jaw, and a traditional upper denture on the top.


At Alta Dental, the cost for this package usually starts at around $8,000 for a cash-pay patient. Financing options are available for around $200/month for those with qualifying credit.  If you have dental insurance, the cost will likely be lower.


  • Dentures can be removed and easily cleaned at home

  • Dentures are secured in place; no need for glue

  • Much more economical than alternative implant treatments

  • Maintenance and future repairs (if necessary) are also much more affordable 


  • If you're adamant that you want teeth that cannot be removed then snap-on dentures may not be right for you. 


Snap-on dentures are an effective and economical solution for loose fitting dentures, both upper and lower. 


While most denture patients are eligible, some are not. Some medications prevent implant placement, some patients might not have enough bone etc. Only your dental professional can determine if you are eligible for implant snap-on dentures. 

If you're interested or just want more information, feel free to call us for a FREE denture consultation:


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