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Clear aligners are inconspicuous orthodontic appliances that are designed to move teeth a littleat a time. Unlike traditional braces they are removable and esthetically appealing.


You will come in for an initial exam and consultation, at which time the dentist will examine the necessary orthodontic treatment needed, and discuss whether you are a good candidate for clear aligners. If you and the dentist agree that clear aligners are indeed a great option for you, you will take impressions, scans, digital images and photos to send to the lab to have the
aligners made. Once the lab receives the information, they will contact the office to let them know more information about your case, such as how many visit it may take. Just like traditional braces, clear aligners will take several appointments and the time frame could be 6-18 months.

Thank you! We'll be in touch as soon as we can!


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